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Service Tax Return Filing

Service Tax Payments

Tax deducted/collected need to be paid for each month by the 7th of the next month. Correct code need to be mentioned of payment type while making such payment.

Service Tax Returns

Every person/entity having TAN need to file quarterly TDS/TCS return by 15th Jul, Oct, Jan, May.

Consequences of non-filing

Non submission or late submission of Service Tax returns results into Late Fees, Interest and also Penalty. This all taken together could be substantial amount if returns are not filed or filed late or filed incorrectly on incomplete. Hence, it is advisable to submit the correct and complete service tax returns on time with the Department.

Our Service

Computing correct service tax liability.

Make timely e-payment of service tax.

Preparation of correct Service Tax Return

E-file your Service tax Return on time.


Data collection & verification

Return Preparation

Tax Calculation and Payment

Return Submission

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