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Registration under Professional Tax

Professional tax is the tax levied by the state governments on the income earned by way of trade, profession, calling or employment.

When to apply for PT Registration?

PTEC (Entitlement Certificate)

In Maharashtra, different slabs are mentioned for different class of individuals. Professional tax is required to be paid at fixed rate irrespective of the turnover or the income of individual. For majority of classes the rate of Professional tax is now Rs. 2,500 every year.

PTRC (Registration Certificate):

In case of salary and wage earners, such Professional tax is paid by the employer after obtaining PTRC registration. Slab of Professional tax on salary and wages.

Monthly Salary Amount of Professional tax payable
Less than Rs. 7,500 p.m. Nil
Rs. 7,501 to Rs. 10,000 Rs. 175 p.m.
Rs. 10,000 and above Rs. 200 p.m. (Rs. 300 for Feb)

Professional Tax Registration Process

Document Collection

Our Expert will help you collect all the requisite information & documents

Application Form

Our Expert will prepare requisite form and get your signature.


The application form with documents will be submitted to VAT Department.


Concerned Authorities will verify the documents and issue the Registration Certificate for you Business.

Duties of PT Registered Dealer

PTEC (Entitlement Certificate)

Every person with PTEC no. should pay professional tax once every year as per its class.

PTRC (Registration Certificate)

Every PTRC registered employer need to pay professional tax and submit returns with VAT department in the frequency as per provisions of PT Act.

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