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Registration under Service Tax

Service tax is an indirect tax which is collected by service provider on all services. One need to collect service tax on all services except those mentioned in negative list of services. Generally, service provider is responsible to collect and pay service tax, in few cases service recipient is responsible to collect and pay service tax. Current rate of service tax is 14%. Additional Swatch Bharat Cess @ 0.50% is also applicable.

When to apply for Service Tax Registration?

Small scale service provider providing less than Rs. 10 lacs of taxable service is exempt from service tax. Every person providing taxable service of value exceeding Rs. 9 lacs needs to register with Service Tax Office within 30 days of exceeding turnover. Actual liability to collect and pay service tax comes only when the values of taxable service exceeds Rs. 10 lacs.

Even if value of services provided in a financial year by a service provider is less than the threshold, he has the option to register for service tax, though it is not compulsory.

An assessee providing taxable services from different locations can obtain the centralized registration of that premises or office which has centralized billing system or centralized accounting system. It’s the assessee’s option to register one of the premises as centrally registered.

Service tax is not applicable on export of services. Hence, exporter need not get service tax registration and also need not pay any service tax.

Service Tax Registration Process

Document Collection

Our Expert will help you collect all the requisite information & documents

Application Form

Our Expert will prepare requisite form and get your signature.


The application form with documents will be submitted to VAT Department.


Concerned Authorities will verify the documents and issue the Registration Certificate for you Business.

Duties of ST Registered Business

PTEC (Entitlement Certificate)

Every person with PTEC no. should pay professional tax once every year as per its class.

PTRC (Registration Certificate)

Every PTRC registered employer need to pay professional tax and submit returns with VAT department in the frequency as per provisions of PT Act.

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